Monday, July 14, 2008

Fruitcake for Jesus.

Well I just got back from forward 2008, it was amazing. So much happened in me that I couldn't put it in a blog so I'm just going to say this..... Brand New. 
From the beginning this blog has been more a vent for me about how crappy life was and how I needed to fix it but not anymore. Christ fixed my life so now its my job to maintain it. To use this as means to change the world. To be a Fruitcake for Jesus.
I will answer my call and I will move forward and keep climbing.
I know some of this doesn't make sense and its a bit sudden, well all I can say is... its a God thing. 
Stay Strong and keep climbing.
We can do all things in Christ


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Life in Reverse

Well hello again. 
hows life? ... good i hope.
Mine is interesting.
It seems like I made this giant circle. like i spent all this time trying to fix my life and after months of this I look back and see that I'm in the same place I was in when I started. Oops. I kinda feel like one of those guys in those stupid kids comedy movies...... after wondering through the jungle for hours i find a place where the way home should be right through the next patch of trees but when I get to where I was headed I realize I'm back at my camp.. the place I started from... I just made a huge circle.
I guess the lesson learned is don't put all your energy into fixing something you can't fix. The only way to fix your life is to want to change and to let God change you. I think its sad that it takes my writing a blog to see that.
My point today is don't fix it if it isn't broken and if its broken let the expert fix it.
Be blessed.

Stay Strong,